11th August 2020 0 By admin

Dear friends,

due to the complicated situation with Covid-19, the continuing state of emergency in Bulgaria and the travel bans, the project exchange in Bulgaria had to be canceled. Despite the great preparation, the numerous organized events and meetings on the topic of “Food waste”, the circumstances surrounding the virus necessitated a change in the plans of the hosts from Bulgaria and the guests they expected. This was to be the last exchange on this project and that is why it was highly anticipated by all participants. The hosts had organized research meetings with representatives of major international retail chains, the Bulgarian Food Bank, large amount of restaurants and private households, who had to answer the main question: “How big is the loss of food in our daily lives and is there a way to reduce and utilize it? “. During the preparation we found other organizations that deal with the same problem. Together with Bioselena Foundation, the simulation training “The Way of the Tomato” was conducted, which gave the participants of Romain Rolland High School an idea of ​​what is gained and lost from the production of delicious red vegetables worldwide. During the preparation for the exchange in Bulgaria, the hosts from Romain Rolland High School spent a lot of time and effort to create this video, which in an incredibly creative way illustrates the problem of food loss. Thank you to all participants in the project for the great efforts they made during our work together and we look forward to new challenges! Stay safe and healthy and … #Nofoodwaste