Before the first exchange the whole group

  • Introduction to project work and tasks

All students and teachers are introduced to the project work. The tasks they need to do and the timeline of the project is presented. Any questions and uncertainties are cleared.

  • Every school sets up a contest for a project logo and one from each country is selected locally. Then, through a poll on the website, the best one is chosen.

This creates a sense of belonging to a community and also draws the theme of the project closer to the participants. Also, those with artistic nature can share their talent and thus build their confidence.

  • As a first task, the students get to introduce themselves in short one-minute videos.

They learn how to start a YouTube channel and upload videos there. This is especially necessary as they will have to keep a journal of their project work in the form a vlog on YouTube.


Before each exchange

  • Before each exchange the hosting and visiting groups from each country are introduced to the local problem. Students from all four schools prepare a film/video of their research in their own country.
  • The hosts present and explain the problem through authentic materials from the media.

The guest research similar problems in their own countries and, too, prepare films about them using authentic materials.


First exchange visit in Sundsvall, Sweden (13.01.2019 – 20.01.2019)

The first exchange on our project was in Sundsvall, Sweden, where students worked on an environmental problem that arose in the 1960s. There are 23,000 barrels (9 tonnes) of mercury released in the Baltic Sea, a remnant of the industry that was developing in the region. The barrels were thrown out of ships in the Baltic Sea without knowing their exact location.
The hosts from Sweden prepared a video on this environmental problem, describing the fatal consequences.
In this connection, students from the partner countries had to explore issues in their own countries, which are similar to the environmental problem in the Baltic Sea and the impact of mercury on the environment. Below you can see the results of their work and preliminary research.

The environmental problem in the Baltic Sea


The video with the similar problem in Bulgaria