In this project we have only one transnational meeting which is exclusively for teachers. It took place between 30th September and 4th October 2018 at GENIKO LYCEUM HERAKLION on the island of Crete in Greece. It was especially set before all other project activities and had the purpose of readjusting and clearing out the future work.

The main tasks the teachers completed were:

  • To discuss the project objectives to have a shared understanding of the methodology of the project
  • To agree on specific dates for the two exchanges in the first year of the project, in Sweden and on Crete, Greece
  • To discuss the activities before and during each exchange in each country
  • To agree on a detailed timeline for the first year of the project

The other teachers’ meetings will take place during the student exchange visits and will have the objective of following and adjusting the project work, solving arising problems and working on the Teacher’s Guide.